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LOLE – vintage clothing subscription

Open Project

‘How can we change the attitude of young (heterosexual) men in a positive way, so they will be nugged to buy vintage clothes?’ Was the design question I had to solve for the Open Project (group). After doing extensive research, concepting and design sessions LOLE was born. LOLE is a concept for a vintage clothing subscription for men. Aiming to convince them that wearing vintage clothes is not something to be ashamed of and has multiple benefits on personal and global level.

In the second year I, together with 2 colleague students, participated in Open Project. For this I had to write my own assignment on which I would be working during the project, which was designed to encourage personal growth on courage, boldness, curiosity and contemplation. At the end of the project I had to deliver a prototype and an experience.


01. Research

To narrow the scope of the project and get meaningful insights for the concepting and design phase I performed multiple research activities, like location visits, (ladder) interviews and literature research.

02. Insights

The research resulted in a lot of information to proces. To get more insights out of the interviews, I did a braindump. Following the braindump I participated in brainstorm sessions to find concepts for prototypes.

03. Design and protoypes

With the concepts in hand I designed and developed prototypes and tested them on prototype parties. Feedback gathered during the parties were used to refine the prototypes.

04. Final prototype

The refined prototypes formed the base for the final prototype which was an expo to present and test the final prototype: an experience, website and example of a subscription box.

To start off the project I did research on the perception of vintage clothing. For this I photographed vintage clothing shops and interviewed (ladder interview in dutch) potential users. During which I found out vintage clothing is perceived as dirty, hard to find and outdated shops. After which I made a vintage lookbook to test out if a more modern look would appeal to the user. During an exposition I asked potential users if they would wear what they saw and if it appealed to their senses. Which resulted in a loud yes. To design the lookbook I made wireframes, edited photo’s, did an editorial session to choose the photo’s which would end up in the lookbook and made the patterns for the cover pages.

Because the main goal was to shift the behaviour of our target group, I did a research on behaviour management (dutch). For this research I looked up two techniques: nudging and the behaviour management model of Balm. I closely watched our concept with this information in mind and made recommendations for bigger possibilities of behavioral change.
I contributed by finalising the concept as well. I did this by making the style guide and wireframes of the website. As well as visualising a big part of the pages of the website, you can view the Marvel prototype here (in dutch and containing only the pages I visualised).

Mockup - homepage of lole in a macbook pro