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Render it important

Visual Communication

For the course Visual Communication I had to make a photograph of an unimportant item and make that item the hero of the image. To accomplish this I have made research photos to research the effects of different compositions, depths of field, and light. Thereafter I searched for unimportant items on the street. I photographed these items with the insights of my research in mind and chose my best ones, which also fitted the criteria of the assignment.

The first photo of the slideshow was my favourite, the line composition, the way I have used the depth of field and the contrasting colours made sure the leaf became the hero of the photograph. The other photo’s were also good candidates and were part of my research, but the hero feeling on them was less strong. This was because of the less present colour contrast and the fact that the compositions were a bit off.

leaf on the street


01. Research

Going out and shooting lots of photos, undirected. Reviewing the photos taken on multiple variables like lightning, composition, contrast etc.

02. Insights

Based on the review and feedback of the research photo’s a moodboard is made and insights are taken from it.

03. Design

With the insights in mind I again go out to shoot photos. The insights are followed as directions to shoot the desired photo’s.

04. Final product

The new, directed, photos go in for review. The best are selected and feedback is asked. Based on the feedback and personal preference the best one is selected for presentation.