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Rock it with Rockwell

Information Design

For the course Information Design I had to make a poster and type specimen of a self-chosen typeface: Rockwell. These had to display the typeface, its possibilities and background information. The product had to be designed with students and the lector in mind. I was only allowed to use composition, colour and the shapes of the typeface, for the poster. For the type specimen I was also allowed to use other graphic elements, such as photographs.

I started the assignment with researching the Rockwell and its history. After that I sketched multiple compositions and ideas, the best of which I digitised. With the digitised sketches I started iterating on colour compositions. Out of these iterations I had chosen my personal favourites, which I showed to my peers and lector for feedback. I used their feedback to polish and select my end product, which you can view in the slideshow or as download below this text.
I am proud of my final products, they look good and meet the requirements of the assignment. I also kept the user in mind by asking them for feedback on my iterations. Because I did not have a lot of experience on colour compositions, I had made a lot of iteration for this. I noted what did and did not work, so I have a better understanding and can spend less time on colour compositions for my next projects.


01. Research & insights

Finding information about the typeface and its history, usage, defining characteristics and reach. Combining them into insights to use for the design and content.

02. Concepts

Based on insights and the typeface as inspiration I made concepts for the form, composition and colours. On a selection of those I asked feedback from peers and stakeholders.

03. Iterative design

After getting feedback I picked the favourite concepts and took the feedback to make iterations and asked feedback on those as well.

04. Final product

After the final feedback and iterations have been made I chose 2 favourites and asked peers to state their favourite, combined with my favourite one the final product was selected.